Medicine Making: Black Walnut

Black Walnut is an amazing anti-parasitic and a very powerful detoxifier. These were gathered back in september last year and have been soaking in alcohol ever since. I used the meat of the green hulls which are really rich in Iodine (hints the stained hands that didn’t go away for weeks).

IMG_2542 IMG_2543

Was happy to finally put this potent medicine in some tincture bottles last weekend and so looking forward to getting more acquainted with its healing powers. I have also heard that taking black walnut along with clove and wormwood is really beneficial as well. I am long overdue for a cleanse. I’ve never specifically done a parasite cleanse before so really curious to see how I will feel. The recommended time is taking it orally for 90 to 100 days straight. 1 drop dissolved in water and then slowly increasing up to 2 tbsp eventually. This link has some good info:

bw4 bw1 bw3 bw


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