Photo Resurrection – Mother’s Day 2011

The Most important thing about a family photo session is to have fun. I’ve never been a fan of posing people awkwardly and then having them put on their “cheese” smiles. Especially when little kid’s are involved. So important that they feel at ease so they can play and be free to be themselves. Nothing says nightmare like a photo of kid with the mom standing behind the camera saying “you better smile, no not that smile your real smile!” Haha, ya know those photos never turn out so good. So have fun! So what if your kid is picking his nose or isn’t standing up straight. Years from now it will put a smile on your face looking back at the how uniquely “imperfect” your amazing family looked in their pictures. Just be yourself and roll with it. Which is exactly what this family did. One of my favorite sessions ever. EmeraldLanefamilybanner


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